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 Site Guidelines

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PostSubject: Site Guidelines    Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:41 pm

CharismaticPathways Site Guidelines

CharismaticPathways reserve the right to amend these site guidelines as and when the need to amend them arises. By joining us here at this community to become a potential member, you agree that you are over 18 years old and that by being an active member on our site, you agree to respect the following guidelines that are acceptable guidelines for our Home to be founded on.

The team at CharismaticPathways firmly believes that a community based on the foundation of genuine friendship, trust and honest but positive intention can work together as a group to help othe people in their journey throughout Life. Confidentiality is a good quality to have while helpping others on our site. With our wisdom, intuition, mindfulness and knowledge in the field of mind, body and spirit, we can guide each other onto the path that's right for us and therefore to make the changes that sit naturally right with us so as to embrace personal evolution and make progress with our dreams and own indiviual journey. 

We believe that Everyone and this goes for EVERYONE has free will and freedom of choice and therefore it is up to you to decide what goes and what stays within your life. Here in our community we are not mind-readers, nor are we able to tell you what to do. You need to be in charge of your life and how you change it if you want to change it is entirely your decision. The open-ended decision at the end of the day of every reading is left for YOU to decide what to do with your life.  As you know the future isn't set in stone, it is always changing according to your decisions.

We do not predict anything within a reading as this would be more of a cold reading which is definitely a must not do. True death predictions are definite no-no as this would indeed cause uneasiness and distress within whomever is Sitting at the time. As a reader it is our role to help the Sitter feel comfortable and at ease as we tune in. Best to be tactful in any kind of practice reading when it comes down to the wording of the read as even with language, it would be apparent often you don't need the words themselves to know the intent of the words behind the meaning of the message conveyed across.  If the Death card appears in a practice tarot card reading, interpret it as impending changes that are about to take place -  NOT a true death prediction.

Our dream is to become more like an open circle of exchanging ideas or mystical knowledge, questions and answers, insightful guidance, and wisdom imparted from spirit for alike minded believers. Yes, we are indeed a working, guiding and teaching site that focuses on the journey of developing our inner mystic and intuition. We strive to do this work though as always without ego by just being true to ourselves and also our intentions.

We always try to double check our intention to make sure its positive every step of the way so as to ascertain that we are still on the path that's right for us. We are learning just like the rest of you who have answered your calling to journey with Spirit and the Positive Energies. We believe that NOBODY is more inferior, superior, or more indifferent to anyone else. EVERYONE is equal therefore all potential members and members that join us are accepted are on wave as anybody else is as we consider you to also be an important part of our group in terms of making this an active online community.

We do believe that it is best to ground and protect up daily as you are indeed working with energy. When starting off on the path and even more so if you are empathetic it is always ideal to ground and protect as safety measures for your peace of mind not just our own mind, if you don't do so already!

Anybody found guilty of spamming, trolling, lurking, mutes or doing anything that is deemed negative in terms of drama or melodrama, causing site or other group wars, resorting to spiritual or psychic warfare,  which does indeed disrupt the harmony of the site will indeed have their account banished and removed from our site. Life is too short to focus on the negative, so let's just move on from it and focus on the positives.

We know that we are protected with the aid of Angels, Faery Folk and Spirit and any other beings of light that do good work, which support Serenitae and her team in this creation of a learning, teaching, working and helpful community site.  ALL workings done on here must be completed without EGO.

Both practice readings and healings are offered freely as we are a non-profit working community. Healing is not to be subtituted for medical treatment. Any concerns that pertain to health, which includes pregnancy, that you may have should be taken to your doctor, professional medical advisor, counsellor, local GP or medical expert before further action is taken.

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Site Guidelines
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