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 Our Dream Mission

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PostSubject: Our Dream Mission   Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:48 pm

Our dream is to become more like an open circle of exchanging ideas or mystical knowledge, questions and answers, insightful guidance, and wisdom imparted from spirit for alike minded believers. Yes, we are indeed a working, guiding and teaching site that focuses on the journey of developing our inner mystic and intuition. We strive to do this work though as always without ego by just being true to ourselves and also our intentions as well as the path that sits naturally right with us to go forward in.

We would love to be able to inspire and help other people by sharing our knowledge in areas that we feel confident with. By doing so we hope that other visitors and guests that find us here at CharismaticPathways will be able to come and join in and participate in our online discussions.  We aim to be a friendly, caring and totally trustworthy environment that hopes to just present a balanced environment that focuses on both enhancing our own intuition, spiritual working with spirit and celestial but universal communication, and energy healing work as well.

If you have found us here at CharismaticPathways, know that it must have been meant to be!  We are happy to have you viewing our site and our dream mission. Please feel free to join and introduce yourselves!
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Our Dream Mission
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