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 Practice Read Guidelines

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PostSubject: Practice Read Guidelines   Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:28 pm

On-Site Practice Reading and Healing Guidelines

  1. ALL practice readers and healers ought to be aware that the future is interchangeable, these practice readings and healing sessions are offered by volunteers for Entertainment Purposes Only.
  2. Everyone has free will and freedom of choice and its up to you all to decide what to do with the information after a reading has been given.
  3. Practice readers may OFFER sitters the option of accepting or declining a practice reading before actually tuning in. Do not tune in without their permission...always ask for their permission first so that they KNOW your intention is positively clear and conscise, that you come forward in the name of LOVE and LIGHT and that you are grounded and protected before tuning into their energies.
  4. Always Ground and Protect up before Tuning in so as to ensure your peace of mind as well as ours and to keep you and your energies protected.
  5. A true death prediction is definitely not acceptable in any kind of reading as it would cause Sitter distress and so please use your common sense where this is concerned, as it is our duty as the reader not to leave sitter in suspense or leave them with a not so great experience after sitting. Our responsibility as a reader or healer is to set their minds at ease by trusting in Spirit or those that come through to convey across messages and by just listening in what we are hearing or receiving which is for the Sitter to know for the time and acknowledge if they can take the information given or make sense of, rather than ourselves as it is not our message.
  6. It is up to you to be in the driving seat of your life after the reading has concluded. Be aware that it is too easy to fall into the circle of requesting practice readings...sometimes too many messages can be overwhelming and can distract you from your path.
  7. When sitting for a practice reading it is also wise not to feed the reader...please answer with YES NO MAYBE POSS TRUE OR I DON'T KNOW if you don't know or aren't sure of the information given. Do not give away any other information as would give some folk with no scruples out there enough leeway to give you a cold reading, which would result into a not so good experience and outcome.
  8. Please understand that if people do not wish to sit for a reading or guidance then just respect that as their wish and let the message go.
  9. Not all mediums are psychics and not all psychics are mediums. Psychic or Intuitive is indirectly connecting to the energy within the aura and conveying messages across that way through from the energy itself. Mediums directly connect to the communicative being that wishes to connect through a direct line of energy and higher awareness. If you find it easier using CERT please do use the guidelines as it does indeed provide structure for the practice readings from spirit, but often as always, the message is key to the Sitter as that's the reason why Spirit have linked in.
  10. Healing is not to be substituted for medical treatment. Health related issues including personal burdens that arise must be taken to doctor, local GP, medical professional or expert before action is taken and the changes are made.

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Practice Read Guidelines
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